GPS LightLock

Astronomical Timers

Astronomic Time Clock Switch

Powered by GPS
US Patent 8,816,842
Zero Programming                 Zero Maintenance
15 Year Performance Warranty!
Made in USA


GPS LightLock instantly installs everywhere you have existing photocells and programmable timers. 

GPS LightLock is used worldwide by Fortune 500 companies, public utilities, cities, counties, airports, universities, lighting manufacturers, HOA's, and private individuals alike.

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Onboard GPS does all your programming & maintenance
GPS LightLock automatically sets your date/ time & location, programs the switch times for your location, self-recovers from power outages & keeps the clock timed to the GPS atomic clock. You'll never have to deal with controls maintenance again, and you never pay a fee to use the GPS system!

Pays for itself many times over in servicing costs alone
Servicing controls is very expensive. Electricians perform hazardous work. They are well paid, as they should be. The retail price of GPS LightLock is a fraction of the cost of a single service trip charge to replace a photocell or re-program a timer.

New Custom Switching Times!
GPS LightLock now offers custom programming to meet your requirements stored in memory forever, and you still won't have to program a timer ever again. Still self-recovers from power outages and still requires no user programming, maintenance or even batteries!

• Multiple/ unlimited switching events, cycles or intervals per day.
• On at any local time you require and off at any local time you require, with automatic daylight savings time already configured (lights, signs, facilities access, etc.).
• On at sunset and off at any time you require, with automatic daylight savings time (retail signs, landscape lighting, parking lot lights, etc.).
• On at sunrise and run for 8 hours (pool pump controllers).
• On at sunrise and off at sunset (access control to parks, pools, etc.).

And of course we still have our legacy dusk-to-dawn and standard sunrise to sunset controls.
The default programming is always sunrise to sunset unless alternate switch times are requested by the customer at time of order.

Please call (239) 848-6675 to inquire about custom programming to meet your requirements AT NO ADDITIONAL COST (most applications). We are available 24/7/365 to answer your questions and to take your order. Orders placed by 2pm ship same day from Fort Myers, FL USA. 

Value Added Customer Benefits
• Eliminates energy waste caused by outdoor lights burning during the daytime.
• Eliminates service costs for the lighting system.
• Maximizes the full rated service life of the bulbs, ballasts and fixtures.
• Eliminates complaints about outdoor lights burning during the daytime resulting in fewer service trips and an improved public image for your organization.

Don't Overpay for Smart Technology
GPS LightLock is a top competitor of hi-tech outdoor light control systems.
• The world's only smart technology that requires no programming, maintenance or human intervention for fifteen years, guaranteed!
• Immediate results, lowest cost of deployment & lowest total cost of ownership.
• You won't need any servers, software or network infrastructure.
• There's nothing to learn, monitor or maintain.
• You won't pay any user or licensing fees.
• You can even start with a single unit and scale any sized facility, area or region at your convenience.

For all lighting technologies and all lighting applications
For all HID, LED, HPS, Metal Halide, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Halogen, & all other lighting technologies. For all roadway lighting, parking lots, landscape lighting, sign lighting, wall sconces, yard lights, and all other outdoor lighting applications.

Complies with all Energy Codes
GPS LightLock is an astronomical time switch designated for dusk-to-dawn operations. GPS LightLock is a time switch capable of retaining programming and the time setting during loss of power indefinitely. GPS LightLock never requires any programming or batteries. For step dimming or local time control, if required, simply connect the GPS LightLock control leg (red wire) to the line side control circuit of the occupancy sensor or local time clock.

GPS LightLock is available in many different configurations.
• Twist-Lock configuration for easy installation in about five seconds anywhere you have existing photocells.
• Wire-In configuration for easy replacement of programmable timers & wired-in photocells.
• Controlled receptacles for landscape lighting, holiday decorations or anything else you want on from dusk until dawn.
• Also available with bypass switches, GFCI protection, multi-gang switching and more.

More than just an outdoor light controller.
Our customers have come up with all sorts of creative applications for GPS LightLock including control systems on boats, access control to parks, pools, and other facilities open dawn to dusk, solar controls to prevent select loads from running off peak, irrigation systems controls, off-grid power generation control logic and much more.

Outperforms Astronomical Timers Costing $100's More


GPS LightLock

15 Year


Astronomical Timer


365 Day

Astronomical Timer



7 Day

Astronomical Timer



from $59.99




15 Years

2 Years

1 Year

Service Interval

15 Years

Batteries 2-3 Years

Batteries 2-3 Years





Onboard GPS




Installation Time

1 - 15 min

1 Hour +

1 Hour +

Replacement Time

less than 1 minute

1 Hour +

1 Hour +

Comparison among Astronomical Timers in a NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure. 

Prices eff. Feb. 2016.

1. Intermatic is a registered trademark of Intermatic Incorporated.


Great product. Very well designed.  
Matt D, Cont. Maint., Baltimore City Schools

We have had excellent results with the LightLock units. Thanks for introducing this product to us. 
David Z, District Maintenance Supervisor, Orange County, FL

We received and installed your GPS LightLock products and they have been working perfectly. The synchronization between the astronomical timers has been reported as less than a second apart. Our City Electricians are happy about the plug and play, time saving functionality of the device. Thanks for making your product available in Canada. 
Wayne B., Assistant Electrical Foreman, City of Winnipeg Canada.

We have 7 shopping centers in 2 states. We upgraded the outdoor lights to LED’s three years ago and our contractor installed GPS LightLock. Our property managers haven’t had to call an electrician since. We're saving money and we love it. Thanks GPS LightLock! 
Paul & Mary R., Norcross, GA


This place had 50 photocells when I started here 10 years ago. Everyone complained the lights switch all crazy. We tried $600 timers and they were so bad we put the photocells back in. Then we found GPS LightLock. They're perfect.

MC, Electrical Sup’t., Bonita Springs, FL


They are working out perfectly and as advertised. I have tall trees which shade areas of my property where the ordinary photocells did not turn off until 11am and turned on at 4pm. This was wasting energy, money and looked suspect that nobody was home. So your gps timers helped with my security of my property. Thank you! 

Ray B., Chicago, IL 


Worked out great. Works like a charm. Been passing along the info about it to alot of different people. 
Will order more soon. 
Scott S., Electrical Contractor, Farmington, IN


When we had to change out a programmable timer, we had to go to the supply house, spend $400, come back and rip the guts out of the old one, rip the guts out of the new one, put the new guts in the old housing, make up the connections and it took half the day. With this thing, it’s BAM! DONE! Under a minute!

Paul S, Lead Electrician, Florida Gulf Coast University


I now have all of my present exterior lights controlled by GPS LightLock.  I’m waiting for the Township to do the installation that will put the illumination of our township clock under control of your product. Great product.


Richard, NJ



David W.

Waller, TX


It worked as advertised right out of the box.

William H, Saint Francisville, LA


Great product. Will buy more. Would recommend.

David C.


Love the timers. I am installing them in lights at our church. Far superior to other timers. Will buy more as I can install them. Thanks.

David W. (2nd order), WALLER, TX 


Great product!

David C 10/4/2015 (2nd order)


I just returned from a Township Committee meeting and am happy to report that the 19th century clock is now illuminated by a 21st century light control system. 

Regards, Richard, NJ


Great cure for the shady side of the building

Cale R., Centerville, OH


The unit works great for our garage lighting. We recently got a second one for our landscape lighting. It's great. Thanks for a great product.

Mike M, Taylor, MI


Installed last week. Works exactly as advertised.

William S, Townsend, DE


Improve your outdoor lighting performance today

with GPS LightLock




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(239) 848-6675